School Health Screening Programme

Mental well- being is a vital part of a child’s development, yet it is an area that has been neglected
by the society at large. Nobelova Gradani is set up to champion the advancement of the physical
and psychological well-being of the Nigerian Child.
We are able to achieve this by our yearly School Health Programme, which is a policy by the
Ministry of Education’s School Health Policy 2007 section 2(b). This section states that all school –
aged children should be screened physically and mentally, periodically to make sure that early
intervention services are provided for them to learn better in school.
Our school health programme consists of the following screenings:
Physical component of the screening
1. Vision
2. Hearing
3. Dental
4. Developmental Milestones
Mental/Cognitive Component of the screening
1. Neuro-developmental challenges
2. Social behaviour
3. Developmental indicators for Learning
4. Speech, Language and Communication

We are directly involved with checking motor function and cognitive skills of the under 2 year olds,
using standardized testing. For each age bracket there are age appropriate standardized tests that
are utilized.
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