Mr D Johnson – Nigeria

Doctor Remi Durojaiye, Doc for short, is what this country needs in terms of medical practitioners. 

You see, it’s all well and good to tell a patient that several years of study and practice have been invested and therefore a bill presented to the patient is likely to send them to another doctor to cure the resulting heart attack. Yes, we know medical practitioners’ go through a lot of training and try to claw back that investment by way of fees, etc., so in my mind, it does not pay for a Doctor to fully cure a patient, that way more money can be extracted from the person in return business. Doc is not like that, Doc sets out to cure your ailment, as she did with mine, and then follow up occasionally by phone or email to make sure you no longer have the original symptoms and you are coping. 

Because of this attitude to her work I have gladly recommended friends and staff to her and all have been complimentary of her and her work. 

To put it more clearly, Remi is a Doctor with “Old-School” values of patient care bundled in with “Modern techniques” for patient cure.